Content Management System

Update your website at anytime with our CMS - Website Content Management System

Using a content management system has never been easier

Websites aren’t intended to be static. Most need regular changes and updates. For these types of sites, New Bedford Internet has a content management system (CMS) that’s simple to use and puts you in control.

You’ll find it easy to add to and alter your website content without involving us. You’ll have complete autonomy to put up photos, make text revisions and add new pages. With your own content management system, you not only save money, but you also have the ability to respond immediately to changes in the market and in your product and services offerings.

CMS basics

The CMS we’ll design for your business adapts to the exact functions needed by most small- and medium-sized organizations. It’s easy to use – in fact it operates similar to many of the programs you use all the time. There’s even a site-editing tool built in! Here are some of the time-saving and money-saving CMS features.

Posting photos
If you sell products, there’s always a need to add and remove photos as product lines change. Are there things in or around your office you want to show off? Got some cool pictures of recent events or presentations? See how to do it with the screen shots below.

Adding an image to your website with our content management system .. Uploading an image to your website with our content management system .. Selecting the image to be uploaded using our content management system .. Adding the image to the web page using our content management system .. Image has been added to the web page using our content management system

Create new pages
With your own content management system, creating new pages for your website is a snap. In the past, our designers did it for you – and had to charge you for it. Now you’ll have total autonomy in how big and fast your site grows, with no monthly charges.

This isn’t to say that at one point you might not need our help or advice. And we’re certainly here for you in that case. But in most instances, you can perform on your own all the functions that need performing, and do them at your own pace.

Then, as the graphic above shows, once you’ve created a page, added a photo, made some edits, etc., saving the changes is as simple as clicking the blue button, as seen in #3 above.

You can add new pages at anytime with our CMS (content management system) .. Give your new page a title and add the text right into the content management system .. Saving the new page is easy - click the blue save button .. You've added a page! With our easy to use CMS (content management system) you can add pages at any time!

Insert links
Inserting hyperlinks to other parts of your site or to other sites is easy with your content management system. Search engines like to see relevant hyperlinks, so link away!

Easily add hyperlinks with our content management system .. Add the link URL to the content management system .. Using our content management system, adding links is easy! .. Saving your changes in the content management system is easy, just click the blue save button .. Your new link is now visible to all your website viewers!

We won’t just turn you loose

When we put together a CMS application for you, you also get personalized training so you can achieve your desired outcomes with your website. We’ll show you everything you need to know, from how to create pages and post single photos or make a photo gallery to how to add, edit, re-align and remove text.

With lessons that are enjoyable and enlightening, you’ll know that you made the right decision in taking more control of your website. As time goes on, if you find that extra guidance is necessary, we’ll be happy to schedule another lesson.

Arrange your interactive tour

It’s time to learn what a customized content management system can do for your web marketing and your company’s bottom line. Call New Bedford Internet today at (508) 415-8648, or contact us by e-mail and ask for your guided interactive CMS tour. We’ll get together with you on the same computer screen and explain over the phone exactly how it all works.