Secure Forms

Our secure form solutions can help you stay compliant with the new secure form laws

Online security is essential. So are secure online forms.

When asking for confidential information like driver’s license, bank account and social security numbers, you need to provide a high-security form. In fact, if you’re doing business in Massachusetts, it’s a state law.

If forms on your website will transmit sensitive information, it is a state law that you must have the data encrypted. Since March 1, 2010, disregard of The Massachusetts Data Security Law, 201 CMR 17.00 can bring you severe financial penalties. When you collect data on our high security forms, you will comply with this law.

One the left you can see the encrypted form data, after pasting it into the special decoder (right) you can see the actual data that was submitted

How form encryption works

Encrypting is simply the storage of confidential or sensitive information in a way where it remains unreadable to the “world-at-large.” For example, AES 256 encryption, which is a military-grade encryption, has never been compromised through hacking activity.

In order to decrypt data you collect on a form, you must have a special key – and only you will have it.

Our high-security forms system includes a custom Windows application that you install on your computer. This application automatically decrypts any content you feed into it.

Above, you’ll see how encrypted/scrambled data looks in an e-mail sent from a secure online form. You simply decrypt this data through the decryption application, and you can read all the information.

We’re happy to give you a guided tour of the software and how to use it. Just call (508) 415-8648, or send an e-mail. You’ll learn everything you need to know about making the information you collect through your website as safe and secure as it can be.