Registering People for New Bedford Charitable Events on your Non-Profit Website

Having a charity event?  Easily tickets on your website with CharityFly

Are you looking to make ticket sales for charitable events easier? One of the ways you can do this is by using your website to sell tickets to your charitable events, this means that people can go and buy tickets from your website at any time of day or night without needing you to be there to do it. You can also automate ticket sales to deal with ticket returns and handling a waiting list of people interested in attending the event should more tickets become available.

Sell Tickets to Your Charitable Events Day or Night

Do you wish that selling tickets didn’t take up so much of your time? Do you wish that people who are unable to contact your offices during the day could still register for your events in the evenings? One way of doing this is to set up your non-profit website to sell tickets for you. This way you do not need to be available for people to buy tickets from you and they will be free to order at any time of day or night that suits them best.

Easily Handle a Waiting List for your Charitable Event

Your website can also make it easy to handle ticket returns and also to create and manage a waiting list for your charitable events. This means that as soon as new tickets become available you can find people from your waiting list to fill these spaces. Your website could even do this automatically for you.

Better Recording of Ticket Sales Activity for Your Charitable Event

Your non-profit website can also be used to better and more easily record ticket sales activities – both tickets sold online as well as tickets that are sold through mail or phone. Doing this will give you more control over how many tickets you have sold, how many you still need to sell and also to easily fill new tickets that become available with your waiting list.

Easily Manage Different Categories of Tickets for Your Charitable Event

Do you have different categories of tickets being sold at different prices? Your non-profit website can also handle these aspects of your ticket sales. Simply enter the type of ticket into your website and the price of each ticket and then set your website to sell these tickets for you and to keep track of how many of each type you have sold or still have available.

Examples of this might be: member price, non-member price, student, seniors, under 12, etc.

How to Sell Tickets to Your Charitable Events Online

One of the ways that you can implement the above aspects of selling tickets to your charitable events online is with CharityAid+. CharityAid+ is a program put out by New Bedford Internet to assist charities in their ticket sales and other aspects of managing a non-profit website.

In conclusion, New Bedford charitable organizations can now use CharityAid+ to help sell tickets to their charitable events online. By doing this you will be able to sell tickets to your charitable event at any time of day or night, handle a waiting list easily, better record your ticket sales and manage different categories of tickets and different ticket prices.

Information about CHARITYFLY can be found here.