Mobile Design

Bring your website to mobile users (finally)

By now, everyone has a “smart phone” – an Android or iPhone is almost as good as your main computer – and for a lot of people out there, it’s how they browse the web.

So is YOUR website ready for mobile visitors?

A mobile version of your website is not just a reproduction of your main website, but a streamlined version. This “lite” version is faster to download, quicker to view, and easier for mobile users to find the information they need about your company quickly.

Your customers are already mobile
37% of your current clients are already going mobile. Going mobile is not just the future, it is the now.

Get new customers
Mobile internet websites cause a 13% jump in website audience. Increase your business exposure to more mobile visitors.

Your brand, everywhere
Taking your website mobile means that your clients (and new potential clients) can access your information anywhere anytime.

Examples of mobile designs
Take a look at how we’ve transformed local businesses with mobile website – click to enlarge

Now it’s your turn to make your website “mobile friendly” and help mobile visitors do business with you. Call New Bedford Internet at (508) 415-8648 or click on the “FREE Quote” button now.