Expert or Home Made – Which Way Should You Go?

Should you get a expert-designed or home-made website?

In the age of kid programmers and neighborhood “web designers,” should you go for expert, quality web design by a professional form? Or home made, inexpensive kid stuff?

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be tempting to let your secretary’s son build your business website for the cost of a pizza. Or, to let your nephew hammer one out for free (if you get him a really good Christmas present this year).

Don’t let bargain prices or family pressure force you to let a kid programmer build your company’s website, though. No matter how tempted you are. In today’s business climate, your web presence is as important as your in-person reputation—and you wouldn’t let school kids run your marketing campaign.

You want (and need) a site that’s done right, done well, and that expresses your corporate personality and intent with proper professionalism and tact.

Can a kid do that for you? Even if he knows more HTML than you? Probably not.

Little Billy may be able to whip up a site—maybe even cheaper than a real web design firm, but does he really know what he’s doing? Does he know how to make a professional business site? Does he understand marketing, website stickiness, professionalism, SEO, and business image? Does he understand how to deliver a high quality, competitive site that will stand out in its niche? That will trounce your competitors?

Unless Billy has gone to school for proper website planning and learned the ins and outs of business image and marketing—he’s not going to be able to deliver a truly high quality site for your endeavor. Home made brownies are fine. Home made websites are usually weak and unprofessional. Leave web design to the experts.

You want to present the best possible image—that’s why you’ve decided to build a website in the first place. If a clunky, poorly designed website drives visitors away, is it working? If a kid-crafted page uses the wrong color schemes and sensibilities for your target audience, will they do business with you? Probably not. Remember that poorly done sites can drive away business, customers, clients and sales. Viewers will see your site as a reflection of your professionalism. If it looks like kids made it, they may think less of your own work quality.

An expert, well-designed website should present you, your company, your products & services, and your image in a good light. It should never look rushed, thrown together, or “high school.”

At New Bedford Internet, we’re highly knowledgeable in all aspects of business websites. We know how to present you properly, how to give you a competitive edge, and how to reach your desired audience. The difference between an amateur and a pro is easily seen when you review an expert’s portfolio.

Don’t take chances with “free” or “family”. Do it right the first time and you’ll be glad you did.