Email Marketing

New Bedford Internet provides simple to use email marketing software

E-mail marketing the right way

The optimal solution for mass e-mail marketing is here. New Bedford Internet provides an award-winning system that can empower virtually any business or organization to succeed in the tricky e-mail marketing arena.

You have the option of running your campaigns yourself or having us handle everything for you, according to your exact needs and specifications.

Perfect for small businesses

What’s included in this comprehensive e-mail marketing approach?

  • An e-mail template customized just for you – Your template will incorporate your company’s unique logo, color system and website address. This means that every e-mail you send will have “you” written all over it.
  • A control panel that’s simple to use – Through your control panel, you can send e-ads, announcements, newsletters and special sales offers to your entire mailing list. With the style sheet, all your mail will look professional and eye-catching.
  • Service at whatever level you require – If you’d rather not manage your e-mail marketing efforts yourself, we’ll oversee everything and keep you informed with stats that show how your campaign is coming along.
  • Personalized e-mails – Your e-mails will be more direct and powerful by including customers’ names and salutations: “Hi, Rick,” or “Dear Amy” or “Greetings to the management team at Johnson Carpet Care.”
  • Stay abreast of results – It’s simple to measure the results of your e-mail campaign, because every mailing gets tracked. You’ll know how many of your e-mails were actually opened; how many links got clicked; which e-mails bounced back; which messages were forwarded to another party; the number of opt-outs; and much more.
  • A growing e-mail address list – We’ll show you how to construct a mailing list through a simple form installed on your website. Visitors use the form to request to receive messages from you, and this will greatly aid your marketing efforts.
  • CAN-SPAM Act-compliance – You don’t want to run afoul of laws regarding spam, so we’ll instruct you on correct e-mail marketing practices. You mail will then be welcomed or at least expected by those on your list, and this will pave the way for increased success.
  • Nice pricing – Our e-mail marketing systems are created with the budgets of small businesses in mind. Without the high costs of “typical” systems, you’ll have more left over at the end of the day, plus you’ll be generating more money at the same time.

E-mail marketing is a critical tool for any company or organization that relies on numerous customer/supporter contacts. Your streamlined program can start now by calling us at (508) 415-8648, or by sending an e-mail. We’ll arrange to get on the phone with you to conduct a guided tour that shows you everything you need to know.