Social Media: Exploring Google+ for Business

While Google+ already has over 90 million users since its June 2011 launch, it can hardly be compared to Facebook’s mammoth 800 million-plus global users. Similar to Facebook, Google+ is a social media network that is free for use by individuals to use for sharing photos, discussions, comments and much more. In addition to the…

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E-Commerce: The Pros and Cons of Doing Business Online

There are both advantages and disadvantages to moving your current business model online. However, with a little insight and a few tips to point you in the right direction, you can learn how to maximize the advantages, minimize the disadvantages and create a successful web-based business. The Pros Cost Launching an e-business has a much…

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Content Management Systems and Why You Need One

Some websites are small, consisting of just a couple of pages and not much more. However, depending on the type of business you are running, you might need a whole lot more. The problem with some websites is that they can grow and grow until they are difficult to manage and navigate. The more content…

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Boost Your Traffic With a Blog

The primary goal of Internet marketing is to get targeted traffic to a website. Social media has really changed the way that many marketers see the Internet, and blogs are a huge part of the early foundation of social media marketing. A lot of people don’t realize that blogs were really the first widely-used tool…

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Sealing the Deal: Why Some Customers Abandon Online Shopping Carts

It happens all the time: customers leave online shopping carts filled with carefully selected products and don’t buy a thing. Why does it happen? Is there anything a business can do to prevent this from happening? What can you do when it does happen? This article will focus on changes you can make that will…

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5 Signs That You Need a New Website

It is important to have a business website that is current, fresh and interesting. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don’t want to invest the time or money into hiring a professional web design company to create a new website – even if their current site is 10 years old and full of out-dated information.…

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Southcoast Massachusetts ~ Creating Happy E-Commerce Customers

Massachusetts E-commerce

In the world of business the phrase, “the customer is number one” wasn’t just something people said, it was something people did. The true key to running a successful business is to figure out new ways to increase and improve customer service as a means of making your customers happy. Happy customers buy things. Happy…

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Learning from the Online Marketing Mistakes of Others

Learning From Marketing Mistakes

Sometimes the best way for today’s online marketers to learn how to effectively optimize and promote their business on the Internet is to observe and learn from the mistakes made by others. This article will focus on the four most egregious errors seen in the world of marketing and what you can do to use…

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Marketing Showdown: Direct Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Marketing - Email or Direct?

A lot of marketers are forced to choose between direct and email marketing due to budget or time constraints. While there are distinct advantages to both, it is important to thoroughly evaluate each method to see which one works best for your business. While many marketers will tell you that cost is the primary reason…

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Do Keyword Research and Increase Your Website Visitor Traffic and Sales

Keyword Research Increase Traffic

Ask just about any website owner what two things they would like to improve about their website and you’ll usually hear “traffic and sales” in response. However, what many of these website owners are unaware of is that they can see huge increases in both of these areas just by learning how to effectively research…

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