Email Marketing Tips that will Increase Your Sales

Email Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

Email marketing is an effective sales approach. Online companies, and brick-and-mortar businesses alike, are using this valuable technique to increase their sales. Email marketing allows businesses to maintain contact with their readership and create new customers. There are numerous ways to improve the quality of your emails in order to increase your sales. Create Sincere […] Read more »

Email Newsletters – How Much is Too Much?

Email Newsletters - How Much is Too Much?

There is a fine line between sending just enough email newsletter contact to attract the attention of your subscribers and provide them a service that they will look forward to and enjoy, and spamming them to the point of virtual harassment. Some marketers believe that it’s okay to send out multiple daily mailings to their […] Read more »

Signature Files in your Email


You’ve seen them before. When a friend or business contact sends an email, there’s a line of text at the bottom that offers an address, slogan, phone number, or website address. Some even include your pal’s business title or department. These tidbits of text are called “signatures” and they’re controlled by signature files in your […] Read more »

Email Marketing in the SouthCoast


Email marketing is a powerful advertising and networking tool that no serious business should be without. Whatever your company’s focus, targeted email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your user base, expand your reach and improve your sales. Conceptually, email marketing lists are simple. They’re not unlike the opt-in catalog subscriptions […] Read more »